Monday, March 22, 2010

Daves' Story

"I was diagnosed in the late 1990's and had a biopsy in 2003. I didn't get the results until 2008 as the specialist left the country right after my first biopsy. I was floated around the medical system with them telling me I had heart problems (not) that would make treatment difficult. I finally got into the Toronto liver clinic (excellent place) and they had accepted me in a clinical study starting pegintron/ribovarin in Oct 2008. The day I was to start they told me I had liver cancer and would be operated on in December. It was a successful radio frequency abolation but was informed no treatment until 6 months free of cancer. I could not go on the treatment until June 2009 and cannot participate in any clinical studies as I am now deemed cancerous. I was a fast responder then got very sick on the treatment and needed a hemoglobin transfusion (I was getting epo injections with my pegintron) during which I caught c-diff in the hospital. That ended the treatment and I have been getting stronger (9 months later) and maybe can redo the treatment in the fall. The treatment was worse than the virus and I still have some residual effects...dry eyes, abdominal pain, brain fog, etc but reganing lost muscle mass and some hair, not looking as yellow. I have recently experienced portal hypertension, a good sign that my liver is getting worse. I am not a transplant candidate as I still have 30% liver function.