Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Life is Falling Apart

I was diagnosed with Hep C 5 long years ago. I had interferon treatments for 3 long years and it has been a hellish ride for me and my family. I had end stage 4 cirrhosis. After 3 years of getting shots 3 times a day, I finally was upgraded to stage 2 fibrosis and believed that I was getting better. A couple of weeks ago I found out I now have COPD. All of this is starting to take an emotional toll on me to no end. I think I got my Hep C in the Marine Corps in 1973. We were injected with air guns to receive our injections which I never saw them clean after each use.

I now have grandchildren, and my daughter is having a baby in July; my future is up in the air. Please help me if you can. I feel as though I am slipping through this mess alone. It is hard to relate this to my family as I feel my life is falling apart. I would like to thank you for websites like this; please help if you can.

Thank you. You can reach me through my profile email and thank you for your time and understanding