Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have gone through lots of different emotions....Curly W. U.K.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in March 2010.I have gone through lots of different emotions. There were lots of ups and downs, and problems that I had never come across before.

My GP told me straight away, that she does not know enough about HepC.

I have seen a Hepatologist already, but I had some problems with him. He did not really care about me, and my GP arranged to see another one. I felt like I was just a number and not a person.

I have seen the new Hepatologist last week and this one was very understanding, and most importantly, listened to my problems and answered my questions. He took some more blood samples to find out my genotype, but I do not have my results back yet. I got passed on to a Hep Nurse straight after, and she explained the procedure of applying for funds to get treatment. In the meantime I have to have some more tests done to make sure I do not get even more ill on treatment.

I get stressed out really easy these days. In fact everything is stressing me out. Waiting for everything is the worst part of it.

I feel my body is so weak. I am fatigue all the time. I do not sleep properly and I have to rest a lot. This is just not me.I like to be an active person, and I want to do so many things.
I had symptoms, like joint problems for years, but it seems to get worse and worse. I suffer from diarrhea several times a month and feel that weakens me down even more. I get infections much easier and it takes me longer and longer to fight them.

I mean it is a good thing that I do know now I have HCV, but I am so scared.
I have found out lots of things about HCV, but I cannot tell anyone that I have it. Most people do not know what HCV is, and think you are highly contagious and back up from you, like they do not know you. It would be so good if I would find out how I was infected. At least if I knew, I could blame somebody for it. That might make it all a bit easier for me. I know that is not the right way to think, but everything is growing over my head. All these doctor appointments, my mum having a stroke, and state benefit problems stressing me out. I have no time for myself. It feels like I have a full time job. When does it stop? I want to get on with treatment and get this horrible virus out of my body. I want my life back.
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

~Maya Angelou~
Groups work to help homeless vets
Half of these Vets were labeled as vulnerable because of health problems ranging from Hepatitis C to emphysema.