Thursday, April 29, 2010

It’s my life ...Denise

Hi - I am recently diagnosed. On my 3rd week of treatment; which as of today I have to stop. I don’t know exactly how I contracted Hep C; however, I do believe it was thru 1 of 2 blood transfusions I had back in 1976 and 1984. I have never used IV drugs; been married to same man for 20 yrs; worked in health care field for almost 30 years but never dealt with needles. I had no symptoms. I did have problems with my digestive tract so I joined a research study where they did numerous blood tests which came up possible for Hep C. I had to continue from there and had been seeing a dr who just didn’t communicate. I decided today I cannot take the treatment any longer. The side effects are so bad I cannot do my normal daily duties. I take care of my disabled mom who is 78 in a wheelchair; a 9 yr old grandson and of course hubby. They have been neglected these past few weeks that I’ve been on treatment so I quit. I don’t know much about my disease. All I know is chronic and geno type1 but I do intend to get more info from dr whether he likes it or not. It’s my life and I need to know more facts.

Thanks for listening

Hope, Pain, Sorrow.....Poem By Margie (A true Gift)

Here's one for you Betty...this is what the silly insomniac heppers do when they can't sleep
please feel free to use it in your blog if it helps.
hugs margi

I went to the doctor, my tummy is ill
He said I was fine and gave me a pill
I went to the clinic cuz my side hurt bad
The nurse was busy and just got mad
There s nothing wrong I heard her say
Just another patient and another day
Doctor, Doctor cant you see
its not in my head
Ive got Hep C

She went to the doctor a mother of three
Her neck was swollen her skin itchy
Cancer you have and these drugs will do
That Non A Non b thing is nothing to you
Cancer didn't kill her, the drugs they used did
They said good bye, each one of the kids
Doctor, doctor cant you see
Its not in her glands
Shes got Hep C
I went to the doctors my platelets were low
You're fine, have surgery, we really don't know
But this pain in my muscles and pain in my bone?
The time spent trying to get well, I want to groan
You're young, you're healthy you will heal real quick
I'm actually feeling sick sick sick
Doctor, Doctor can't you see
Its not in my head
I've got Hep C

He went to the doctor his skin was yellow
You drink too much you silly fellow
He gave him a lecture and a shot of B-12
His history as a vet, he forgot to delve
The aches and the pains he brought home from the war
He was too proud to complain he had survived much more
Doctor, Doctor cant you see
Its not in his bottle
Hes got Hep C

She went to the doctor her body ached and groaned
Her stomach was bloated, her head just moaned
I'm sorry Miss I am really not sure
But your card expired and your uninsured
We will send you to a clinic 100 miles away
You will wait several years for a doctor they say
Doctor, Doctor can you please help me
I have no job or money Hep C

He went to the doctor the best in town
He treated three times but it wouldn't go down
Dying might be a better idea
Than injecting more interferon into here
The doctor he told him, no more for you
Writing out your will is all that's left to do
Doctor, Doctor cant you see
My whole body is broken
And I've got Hep C

We are children, parents, husbands , wives and friends
It doesn't matter how it got us, it just did in the end
Some want to judge, some want to run
But curing and healing can only be done
With compassion and research and lots of trials
To cure this thing is a road of many miles
Doctors, lawyers, politicians, you want to poke
We have hep C and we need some hope
You argue, you fight, spend money on might
Your people are dying at home in a fright
We need your help, your compassion and concern
We need the misinformed to try and to learn
We don't want your pity, we want to feel well
We have the story that is each of our lives
to live
and to tell

Peace to all

Being Genotype 2.......Hilltopview

Hi there. I am recently diagnosed Chronic Hep C. Low viral load 12,000 and genotype 2. I haven't been to see gastro yet but scheduled for May.

Since finding out about this virus, I have read a lot and made some radical changes. I've changed my diet, stopped drinking alcohol, caffeine, etc introduced meditation, yoga, EFT, and a range of alternative therapies.

Initially, I totally freaked out, I was gob smacked by the diagnosis. I was sitting in the small office with the doctor while she went on and on about the results of enzyme testing and all that. When she first mentioned Hep C, all I could think about was vitamin C lol! - while the ramifications were starting to swirl around in my head. I left her office in total shock. That was around the second week of March.

I have spent a lot of time reading, researching and adopting things that I feel will have a positive impact on my health. Not all of it has been easy. I have two young boys which are making all these decisions stick, though. Mind you, it's only been about a month so far. But, so far so good.

I'm now feeling probably the best I've felt in years. No headaches, more energy, less foggy brain.....

Today I got the news about the Genotype 2. I was surprised at this result as Genotype 1 is more prevalent in Australia. (Read that info from this website; really appreciate it as a good source).

My husband has been great, really supportive but I'm sure it's been really hard for him. He's seen how well I've been lately and I think that's a comfort.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah....don't know what the gastro doctor will recommend next, but I'll just take each day as it comes. The gastro doctors have all been at an annual International conference in Venice. The one I am meant to be seeing has been stuck over there because of the volcanoes and flights being cancelled. Poor thing; I wouldn't mind getting stuck in Venice.

It's been great to find a site that offers support for Hep C sufferers and a place to share. It's not something I want to update my facebook status with - that's for sure! lol.

Well look forward to meeting you and sharing the journey.



I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in June of 2006. It has been a real challenge everyday. Because of the disease I have cirrhosis. The doctor found that I had cirrhosis after a biopsy of my liver. He then said that there was nothing that could be done to help me and that usually in cases like mine there is a fifty percent of a five year survival rate. I sought help at an upstate university that is well known for their care in liver disease. I had to go through another biopsy and the findings were the same. I went through the 48 weeks of treatment plus an additional 28 as a maintenance trial to slow the progression of the cirrhosis. I had to stop because I could not deal with it any longer. My tough guy ego was gone. I became so depressed and had lost over 60 pounds. Then I sought counseling to get through the tough time. I continued working through all the treatment, but eventually had to go on medical leave. I could not think clearly and the fatigue was unbearable. Now I have thyroid problems; I am now diabetic; severe arthritis in the spine; cirrhosis and now on top of all this I lost my medical insurance. I can't afford the insulin and I have been not going to the doctors on a regular basis. Everyday I wonder what is next to knock me down and when is it going to happen. I have no idea at all of how I contracted Hep C; no drugs, tattoos etc.. But one thing comes to mind is that when I was in the service, back in the seventies, I was given shots in the arm via air gun injection, which might be why the doctors ask when I was in the service. There are a lot of things that I might have left out of my story but I have to end it now. Too tired to continue typing. It has been hell for the last 4 years to best sum it up and kind of not wanting to feel like this to much longer. I just wish the treatment would have worked for me.

Thank You

Curtis Hadlick