Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tech May Have Exposed Thousands to Hep C 
 CBS News

Beth's Courage and Inspiration

Hi Betty, my name is Dove/Beth and I'd like to add to your efforts regarding Hep C Awareness. Thanks for doing what you are doing! :) I understand that you're looking for people's experiences with the treatment etc. I would like to participate with what help that I may give.

So here goes: To begin with -

I was diagnosed when I went to see a doctor for back pain and fatigue. I hadn't been to a doc in over twenty years except to give birth to my 2 kids, They are 26 and 17 now and no hep c thank the good lord. I did get yearly pap tests and mamo's because my mother had died at 41 with breast cancer, or perhaps I would have found out sooner. I had no symptoms as far as liver problems went or so I thought. I thought I was just getting older. I would go to work, come home make dinner and just fall into bed with the heating pad. I had no idea until when I finally at age 47 got insurance an had an actual complete physical that the "dragon" was working against me. Liver enzymes were elevated, More tests were ordered and all I wanted was for the constant tiredness and back pain would go away. The diagnosis just blew me away. At least I found out a reason. In truth it has actually saved my life to have found out about hep c because if I had not gone to the doc and kept drinking the way I was I would be probly way worse. Drinking is like pouring gas on a flame, little did I know that the virus thrived on my beer. My liver biopsy came back grade three and stage three which meant that I would be in cirrhosis soon.

I treated Geno 3a for six months and am most fortunate that I did as I am SVR today. I think it should be a routine test for everyone. A simple blood test. I've been thinking about the many risk factors. It is so important to be tested. Get check ups every year if possible. Not just for Hep C but routine stuff cuz it can save your life. I know many people don't like going to the doctor. Me included (They always find something wrong,lol) But to wait is way worse. The alternative is way way worse. We want to be here for our families. I love Janice and Friends. They are the best of best. Treatment is tough, but you are tougher. No one asks for this and no one deserves this. Today I am SVR after six months of tough duty but it has made me a stronger and more appreciative of all the small pleasures in life and a better person. Treatment definitely took me down a few nothches in the strength dept. I wouldn’t change a thing though. Today I live a healthy life. My back pain is slight ( I'm getting older) and I have much more energy. Its a new lease on life to be able to exercise. I never exercised till this ordeal happened. Now I am a firm believer in living right. So for me it was not just an excursion into the bizarre zone with the treatment (which it was) but a true life enlightening experience. I didn’t say that during treatment because it was day by day, but not until afterward. My advice to those in treatment: Keep on keeping on because you can do it! It is only temporary!!! It sure doesn’t feel temporary while you're doing it but it is. Yes it its tough duty and there may be days that you just don't want or can't.... but those are the days that you must be kind to yourself and allow yourself to just be. The rest will follow. You will feel better. Try not to put to much pressure on yourself. And always know you have friends at Janice and Friends (OUR LIFELINE!) Thanks for listening.