Saturday, April 3, 2010

Victoria's Story - Sweet Dreams

My name is Victoria; age 57 with geno type 2A. Had Biopsy in 2000 and the results were level 1-2 fibrosis. I had a fiborsure blood test march 2009 and it came back 2/3 on the scale. I had another fibrosure test last week and am waiting for results. I asked for a biopsy but the doctor doesn’t want to do it. I want one ASAP and will find a way to get it although I am on med/cal and not everyone takes this insurance. I first found out I had this virus in 1996; I knew genotype 2 responds well 80% of the time. I’m waiting and waiting for treatments to get better as it has since 1996, and will continue to get better meaning new protocols, etc. I can withstand the side effects. Treatment can make you wish you where dead; what I do not want is permanent damage. >>>>>. I wish I could see a list of how many people within the last couple of years following treatment have had serious damage. Then I would know some of what my chances are in terms of side effects, although people experience them differently. I know some people have irreversible damage. I want all the information I can get when I finally do treat. I have been so close to treating so many times in the last 8 years.
Thank you for this blog. I know we all share a common virus and only want the best for each of us; giving each other support and love always.

Thank you, sweet dreams always...