Friday, April 2, 2010

Janis and Friends - A Little History

Here's a little history on how Janis and Friends got started and how it's kept going.  Janis started the forum in 2000. She was already very sick at the time and her girlfriends helped with the forum. There were seven of them and you can still see a reference to that in our web address. The firendship7 part. When Janis passed away in 2001 someone had to be the official host of the forum. It's a job none of the girlfriends wanted and PattyVR1 drew the short straw. Patty preformed the host duties here till about 4 months ago. Janis always had a dream of having a web site where people could find good accurate information about HepC. One of the other girlfriends, Tina - Myer1, set up the web page and dedicated it to Janis. Tina still maintains the webpage to this day. She pays for it out of her pocket and will accept no help. If you look at the webpage you will notice there are no advertisements there. No advertising = no money being made. The advertisements you see here are Delphi. That’s how they make money. Janis & Friends is truly a labor of love. BTW if you upgrade to a Delphi Plus membership you will no longer see the adds on the forum.

Administrative issues on the forum are handled by the host and two managers. Helping with the forum is something all our members do. All you have to do is be supportive of other members. You can post articles that pertain to HepC too if you would like. We do make sure that the information on the forum is accurate so if inaccurate information is posted one of the managers will question it. If you want to help and have a little badge that shows you are part of the staff we do need chat room moderators. Chat room moderators make sure our chat room is a safe place for everyone. When new people come into the chat room the Moderators make sure that they get the information and support they need. Like the message boards, our chat room is also G rated and if a troll comes in they kick it out. If you’re interested in helping out in the chat room you can find me there most mornings from around 5am your time till 8 or so or look for Old hair in the afternoon. The Moderators have a star by their names in the chat room so you can tell who they are. Getting to be a Moderator is kind of like an OJT thing. Come into the room with a Mod, learn what they do and after a while we'll ask you if you interested in being a Mod too.

Anyway what makes Janis & Friends such a wonderful place is our members and everyone contributes to that.

This article was submitted courtesy of Mike.  Thank you for educating me on how this site works.  Betty

Just honest words from Richard Garriz

My name is Richard Garriz and I'm writing my personal story about how Betty.... and Janis & Friends web site has saved my life & happiness and stopped me from ever getting high or stupidly drunk again... I have wasted at least half or my life using drugs and alcohol and have spent a lot of time in county jails and prisons ... I would get out and just start the cycle all over... I got hep c from my stupid behavior and was so lost and actually trying to get it over with and kill myself even quicker with the drugs & alcohol... Alcohol can be used responsibly but I abused it badly... My drug using was a giant problem and I liked it so much I learned how to make it 5 pounds at a time and not proud of it anymore.

Betty and her project is such a good thing as well as Janis & Friends website!!!!!!!!!!! By supporting them both we would be saving millions of lives and even help save our counties, state and government a lot of money housing addicts in jails and prisons and funding their probation and parol . This is such an important thing for our country.