Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will Not Be Put Down For My Infection.......Harry

I served in the Army 68-69 - wasn't diagnosed hep positive until 1992. In the mean time my wife was diagnosed. As it turned out, same critter I had. She caught it from me. Although it is rare to be transmitted sexually, she used to clean and dress my knicks and scraps. Usually bloody, hazard of the job at the time. As for me I only had two risks. The jet gun (MUNJI) and the transfusions I received after being wounded. The wife's only risk was me. Can't begin to describe the guilt that was felt or the pain it caused; knowing I was the source of her being infected. The only good thing after helping her thru treatment was she cleared. I didn't clear so I still carry the dragon with me. For many this would be cause for the stigma that surrounds hcv, but I look at it as an opportunity to educate others. I will not let a doctor or nurse touch me without letting them know nor any of my co-workers.

I look at it this way, it's my bug and I'm not sharing with anyone. I did nothing wrong as many others and will not be put down for my infection.
Thanks for your time,
Harry Hooks

I will edit this when I'm 85 or 90......Miles

I met Hepatitis C in 1976 through a blood transfusion. The symptoms were there in the 80s but the doctors called it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I finally found what I really had in 1992 and went on Interferon but was a non-responder.

The doctors say that I cannot take anything with Interferon again because of the way it attacked my system.

So, I will wait for a better treatment to come along. I still have a high viral load but all other liver tests come back fine.

I went through the sides, going from denial, to depression, then to isolation, with no help from my doctor. I did not know anyone else who was going through it.  I thought there had to be a better way... So, in Nov. of 1998 I started building our Seekers Hepatitis C support forum at

I did not want others to go through what I went through without any support at all.

Our forum was active for almost 11 years and thousands were helped by so many great supporting people that were walking the same road and gave their time and knowledge to anyone who asked.
I planted a seed and watched it grow. I guess that was my real goal.

I keep our forum open in case any ole timers happen to drop in to say hello.

After 34 years living with hepatitis c without treatment I found that drinking extra water and getting about 10 hours sleep each night to let my liver have more time to do its work has helped me keep going.

I am now an old man with many fond memories of good friends that have passed through my life because of this disease, so this journey has had it's bright points. Thinking positive and enjoying each day as well as we can, helps to smooth out this bumpy road we travel.

I will edit this when I'm 85 or 90..........Until then, may good health come to all who read this.

Miles Lewis