Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Delay, Deny, hurry and die". Vietnam Vet Speaks Out

Joined Army at 17 in 1965. Short and to the point, most Vets probably got Hep C from the filthy MUNJI jet injectors used for vaccinations. Herd Lines, gun paced against each tricep, vaccine and body fluids from troops before got injected by high pressure air through the skin. So we all received med and body fluids from the thousands of troops before us. No cleaning of the Jet Guns took place. 2 of 3 Viet Nam Era Vets have Hep C from this alone.

All blood to blood transfer after that only further spread the virus to other troops and other Armies. Now we die, most without compensation for our service connected disability. Throw away Vets. VA Motto "Delay, Deny, hurry and die".

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