Monday, April 12, 2010

Entering the Dragon's Den by Trudy

I was diagnosed in June 2007 when attempting to donate blood. Formal Dr. diagnosis in July 2008. Type 2 stage 2 (liver) as of Oct 2009. Can't start treatment yet. Most likely contracted virus in 1954.
For the past 10 years before diagnosis, I would have random unexplained but debilitating periods of time with extreme pain and fatigue... MANY tests & Docs and no diagnosis..(Fibromyalgia, I'm sure now- related to HCV.)

In hindsight, I started experiencing mood changes and gradual fatigue (blamed each on a stressful job) about a year before diagnosis. Also in last 6 months, the symptoms became very noticeable. My friends and I were concerned about mental changes... Was it some precursor to early Alzheimer’s?? (Brain fog). My friends and I spoke of how I seemed to just keep "catching this same bug" over & over...had difficulty eating...painful stomach, occasional nausea (for about 18 months before) then the extreme, unending fatigue set in...I was really hard on myself. Thought I was “getting lazy/ unmotivated".

Even with all of this & a nagging subconscious knowledge that something wasn't right, when the blood bank nurse told me the test results, I totally denied that I wasn't 100% healthy... That it couldn't be right because I wasn't sick!

Just my naive entrance into the Dragon's Den...

I have not been able to start treatment; although three Hepatologists have said I need it NOW. I have the extreme pain again, worst ever. All over, widespread, undiagnosised still. Hepatologists won't start treatment till this is better... Just send me out into the world to find & fix it first!! So I am now in search for a doc who will consider the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia...hope to start treatment mid-summer. Don't want to do treatment; just want it over...hopefully back to life outside the Dragon's Den and with Fibromyalgia under control. Can always hope....

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