Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hepatitis C: Dying for Change!

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Richard Garriz and I'm writing my personal story of how Betty.... And Janis & Friends web site has saved my life & happiness and stopped me from ever getting high or stupidly drunk again... I have wasted at least half or my life using drugs and and alcohol and have spent allot of time in county jails and prisons also... I would get out and just start the cycle all over... I got hep c from my stupid behavior and and was so lost and actually trying to get it over with and kill myself even quicker with the drugs & alcohol... Alcohol can be used responsibly but I abused it badly... My drug using was a giant problem and I liked it so much I learned how to make it 5 pounds at a time and not proud of it anymore:(
    Betty and her project is such a really good thing and so is the Janis & friend online website!!!!!!!!!!! By helping them both we would be saving millions of lives and even help save our counties, state and government allot of money housing addicts in jails and prisons and funding their probation and parol . This is such an important thing for our country and I thing our whole government should wake up and fund Betty and her project ! And The Janis & Friends online website should also be funded better also!!!!!! I know it's only numbers and dollar amounts to the government but if you think about and even investigate Betty's and Janis & friends project you would realize investing would really save large amounts of money in the long run and make living in America allot safer to life in America!!!!!!!!

    Just honest words from Richard Garriz

  2. Hello Richard,
    Congratulations on your achieved sobriety , I wish you continued success.
    Thank you for saying such heartfelt things about Janis and Friends.
    The website is a superb source for Hepatitis C information and the support forum offers the best support online.
    But we do not accept any funds to keep it running. The website is funded by the webmaster and the message boards are ran by volunteers. The host is a magnificent man who gives his time freely back to the HCV community. Everyone involved in both entities have lived with HCV. The members of the forum remember when they were first diagnosed. It truly is an inspirational place to meet other people besieged with this virus.
    Thank you again for all your kind words.