Friday, April 2, 2010

Just honest words from Richard Garriz

My name is Richard Garriz and I'm writing my personal story about how Betty.... and Janis & Friends web site has saved my life & happiness and stopped me from ever getting high or stupidly drunk again... I have wasted at least half or my life using drugs and alcohol and have spent a lot of time in county jails and prisons ... I would get out and just start the cycle all over... I got hep c from my stupid behavior and was so lost and actually trying to get it over with and kill myself even quicker with the drugs & alcohol... Alcohol can be used responsibly but I abused it badly... My drug using was a giant problem and I liked it so much I learned how to make it 5 pounds at a time and not proud of it anymore.

Betty and her project is such a good thing as well as Janis & Friends website!!!!!!!!!!! By supporting them both we would be saving millions of lives and even help save our counties, state and government a lot of money housing addicts in jails and prisons and funding their probation and parol . This is such an important thing for our country.

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