Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lilian's Story

I should call my story the needler who was needled. My name is Lilian and I am 52. It seems like all my life has been connected to needles one way or another. I have been trained as an electrologist 32 years ago and had my own business working at and operating a busy day spa. During my years in business I also have performed skin care, permanent makeup, piercing, tattooing and even a process called acne scar needling. I remember that we did not wear gloves or used disposables until the early 80's. Sterilization procedures were debated and approved as industry standards around this time. I can honestly say I have been extremely vigilant about cleanliness for my establishment and being an example as I also operated a school over the years.

Starting in the 80's I also became an avid fan of accupuncture and faithfully visited my dentist at least 5-6 times a year for extensive procedures.

5 years ago as part of my license renewal application I had the 3 part hepatitis vaccine - which I think was a coincidental good idea.

2 years ago after a Red Cross blood donation I was notified that I had hep c. My viral count came in at 15 mill. and now has climbed to 20 mill. Fortunately liver test, ultra sound and fibroscan are normal and I am being treated in my home country out of the USA where I have free health care.

I would like to call the attention of all the cosmetic industry and body modification workers to get tested - even if it is through blood donation. Obviously - in my case it would be a miracle not to have the virus with my exposure rate and years around needles.

Right now the hope is the new medicine coming out in 2011, keeping my lifestyle and liver healthy. Also never to be afraid of this virus that is now part of my body. I believe that all experiences in life happen for a reason. Remaining positive is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

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