Friday, April 16, 2010

Rob's Story

Here's one for ya Betty. I aquired HCV as a corpsman back in the Vietnam era. By a needle sticks. I received 10% disability for HCV after fighting the VA for 6 years. I just received 0% rating for cirrhosis. As they say having HCV that long I should have cirrhosis. Also saying that I only have mild pain. Well the VA at there own hospital in SLC UT shows I have varices lesions and uncontrolled GERD all associated with HCV.Verified by ct scan on two separate occasions. According to their procedures I should be rated at 100% disabled. But they didn't have any of the information that I just described. Because it all came to light after 2004. It appears they can't check computers from one part of the Government to another I guess. I sent the VA the information. As I always save copies just for situations like this. I sent it by fax and certified mail. Now we will see if they are true to their word and raise my percentage. They tell me it takes two weeks to get the information to the right people. So to be safe I sent copies to Senator Akaka of Hawaii as he is head of the veterans subcommittee. As well as my Sen Orrin Hatch of UT. So if I get denied someone should know.I don't know if the VA can get out of this but I will let you know. Good luck on your ventures I wish I were strong enough to help like they say I am. Rob

April 11, 2010 1:39 PM

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