Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Story Steve Loprz

My name is Steve and I have been aware of my sickness for around 14 years. The existing medication available, interferon, was not an option for me because of the genotype 1 I have and the medications side effect. Two years ago my Doctor said I had stage 4 cirrhosis and maybe a year or more to live, he also informed me that I couldn't get on a liver transplant list until my liver starts to fail. I am a self employed concrete contractor with a wife and two children still at home; ages 21 and 15. I do feel fine thank God but I'm waiting for that to change. I don't drink or smoke; the only thing I do drink is a drink called monavie. It helps me with the energy. Besides that, my faith in God and my hope in Christ is all that carries me. thank you

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