Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coreen's Personal Story

I was diagnosed in 2004 but had to go a year w/o drinking so in 2005 had a biopsy was diagnosed having 2b, Grade 2 Stage 4 with Fibrosis & Cirrhosis. Did the regular 24 wks in 05 with interferon/riba Undetectable than relapsed 1 month later. Waited till I retired in 06because my insurance plan wouldn't cover treatment again. Did 48 wks thru Roche free yahoo because of my piddly pension. Undetectable at end of treatment but relapsed again after 1 month!

Next I did maintenance peginterferon for 2 yrs & a bit have 1 shot left than I will patiently wait for the new drugs to hit Canada seems we are a tad behind the US in Hep C programs. I do hope that you can use my story even if I don't live in the US are you can make me an honorary US resident hmm!

I was very fortunate in the fact that the only side effects I had were extreme nausea & fatigue-which I still have- I take Zofran for the nausea & sleep a lot. I really wish/hope that the new drugs aren't as harsh as the old ones - thank goodness they weren't as bad as the very first ones that you had to mix & were so harsh on your body both physically & mentally.

So much more money should be allotted for this hideous disease that robs one of everything that is precious. Even after 2 treatments the lingering side effects are at times debilitating. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that.

I do hope this helps you somewhat & I also hope other's see the need to get their stories out in order to accomplish something that would benefit us all.

Take care Coreen

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