Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shore to Shore for a Cure...

I'm fourty two years old and have HCV. I found out about four years ago……………
When I first found out I was HCV positive, I was devastated. I was sure that my life was going to end the next day and it terrified me not knowing what was happening. My original diagnosis came from a nurse practitioner and to say the least, she had no bed side manner. She proceeded to tell me I had Hepatitis B and that I could no longer be seen at that office. (This by the way was a misdiagnoses). So off I went, tail tucked between my legs, to see the specialist. If a health care provider could treat you like this how on earth was the rest of society going to treat you? Was a thought that I couldn't get out of my head. Thank god I did find a specialist who assured me I didn't have to worry about pushing daisies yet and the illness in fact was not a casually spread one.

Hepatitis can be a very manageable disease and yes there is treatment for it. My Dr assured me that you can live a very healthy life if you take care of yourself. There are support groups on the net that can lead you to resources and organizations that can help with medication and most off all education and awareness.
I have been searching and searching for information about this illness. The more I read the less I know. I dont understand why this disease isnt being taken as seriously as some of the other diseases. Maybe we just are not being loud enough to be heard. So for others like me who want everyone to here our voice, I am attempting to hike from NJ to CA. My progress will be very slow. But I will do anything I can to help spread the word. I cannot set up fund raisers and such but if anyone is out there who would like to use my effort to promote their drives, I will be posting on Facebook my daily progress. I'm going to survive this hike as natural as possible, and I don't mind catching rain, but a fresh bottle of water along the way and some high fives with other HCV sufferers would mean the world to be. Please follow me on my journey.

I can sit home and feel sorry for my self because I have this illness or I can go out there a spread awareness . At this time do not qualify for assistance with the medication. So I have nothing but time on my hands. To much time to just sit here, and hopefully enough to receive treatment.

So this begins my journey. Shore to Shore for a cure...

I'm with you,
Betty Vega - keep us all posted

Just an update..So far I have a 190 plus fans on the HepC awareness page. You can view it here.. I need all the help I can get..It is not a donation page..I do need your help voting for me on the prilosec sponsorship page. Im only asking for a little support and a place to rest my head along the way.

If any one can help coordinated things with other walks or fund raiser along the way please let me know. I WOULD LIKE TO MAP THE TRIP WITH THESE THINGS IN MIND.

Thanks again a reply now and would make my day..hint hint

Im' leaving on the 13th for my hike across The U.S. to tell as many as I can to get tested. Some of you know what I'm talking about and some of you might not. I would put the link to my page up but I have been blocked from another forum and think that might be why..But any way I hope to see some of you along the way..I am going to be in DC for the rally on the 19th. Then I'm heading south. I will be traveling down the east coast across the south and up to Cali..See you around


You Go Girl...Betty

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