Thursday, April 29, 2010

It’s my life ...Denise

Hi - I am recently diagnosed. On my 3rd week of treatment; which as of today I have to stop. I don’t know exactly how I contracted Hep C; however, I do believe it was thru 1 of 2 blood transfusions I had back in 1976 and 1984. I have never used IV drugs; been married to same man for 20 yrs; worked in health care field for almost 30 years but never dealt with needles. I had no symptoms. I did have problems with my digestive tract so I joined a research study where they did numerous blood tests which came up possible for Hep C. I had to continue from there and had been seeing a dr who just didn’t communicate. I decided today I cannot take the treatment any longer. The side effects are so bad I cannot do my normal daily duties. I take care of my disabled mom who is 78 in a wheelchair; a 9 yr old grandson and of course hubby. They have been neglected these past few weeks that I’ve been on treatment so I quit. I don’t know much about my disease. All I know is chronic and geno type1 but I do intend to get more info from dr whether he likes it or not. It’s my life and I need to know more facts.

Thanks for listening

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