Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in June of 2006. It has been a real challenge everyday. Because of the disease I have cirrhosis. The doctor found that I had cirrhosis after a biopsy of my liver. He then said that there was nothing that could be done to help me and that usually in cases like mine there is a fifty percent of a five year survival rate. I sought help at an upstate university that is well known for their care in liver disease. I had to go through another biopsy and the findings were the same. I went through the 48 weeks of treatment plus an additional 28 as a maintenance trial to slow the progression of the cirrhosis. I had to stop because I could not deal with it any longer. My tough guy ego was gone. I became so depressed and had lost over 60 pounds. Then I sought counseling to get through the tough time. I continued working through all the treatment, but eventually had to go on medical leave. I could not think clearly and the fatigue was unbearable. Now I have thyroid problems; I am now diabetic; severe arthritis in the spine; cirrhosis and now on top of all this I lost my medical insurance. I can't afford the insulin and I have been not going to the doctors on a regular basis. Everyday I wonder what is next to knock me down and when is it going to happen. I have no idea at all of how I contracted Hep C; no drugs, tattoos etc.. But one thing comes to mind is that when I was in the service, back in the seventies, I was given shots in the arm via air gun injection, which might be why the doctors ask when I was in the service. There are a lot of things that I might have left out of my story but I have to end it now. Too tired to continue typing. It has been hell for the last 4 years to best sum it up and kind of not wanting to feel like this to much longer. I just wish the treatment would have worked for me.

Thank You

Curtis Hadlick

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